Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday afternoon, August 24th.

It is a day of culinary ambitions for yours truly. My birthday is on Tuesday, but we're celebrating today. Even Fordski is getting in on the cooking action.

For dinner, we're having:
arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas)
habichuelas rosadas (pink beans)
tostones (twice-fried plantains)
grilled pork tenderloin marinaded in Mojo Criollo, a citrus-based Goya marinad, courtesty of Fordski

For dessert, we're having:
chocolate cake with cream filling, from scratch
banana nut bread, from scratch
quesitos, a cream cheese-filled pastry treat that is popular in Puerto Rico's mom-n-pop bakeries

And at some point I'll tell you all about the tomato basil chicken I made us for dinner last night. Holy mother of gawd, it was delicious.

The banana nut bread is in the oven now. I'll start the cake next, and save the quesitos for last. In a couple of hours, I'll start dinner. Fordski is making a run to the store for a big hunk of pork loin to marinade for a few hours.

This was not supposed to be an actual birthday party. I wanted to a bake a cake to share with my friends after eating some delicious dinner, and leave it at that. But my dear Heather had other ideas, and stopped by the other day with some decoration. (sigh) The birthday song is still forbidden.

The pumpkins are growing beautifully. I finally got out there and cut back some of the excess vines so I could see the rest of the garden again. By my last count, I have 12 tomatoes finally growing, and my oregano is slowly but surely bouncing back. The lettuce is looking great, the green onions are slowly coming in, and the carrots are growing.

You guys have a wonderful Saturday.

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