Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday morning, 19 August.

I've told myself the last few days I was going to bake, and I keep putting it off. Not today! I'm gonna finish up some paperwork for the new job, and then bake a brown soda bread, a white soda bread, and maybe some pita bread. The soda breads are from an Irish cook book I have; the pita bread is off of Pinterest. If they turn out, I'll of course share the recipes on here with photos and sources and what have you.

My garden is completely out of hand. I can finally see some pumpkins growing, and now that they've been spotted, they are growing quickly! I have two small tomatoes finally, and my sage needs to be harvested.

I try to send Fordski to work each day with breakfast and lunch, but I slacked off the last few days. I managed breakfast for him this morning, though. There wasn't a lot of time with him running late, but I whisked an egg and dumped it on a small plate, and placed it in the microwave for a minute. It needed an extra fifteen seconds for the center, but with a toasted English muffin, two slices of lean ham, and a slice of cheddar, he had a breakfast sandwich to go. I threw in a banana and two plums to snack on.

For dinner I'm planning on using a mix of ground chicken and turkey, one pound each, to make meatballs in a homemade marinara. I winged a homemade marinara the other day; I'll try it again and maybe write it all down this time, minus the tomato paste. I love harvesting basil, parsley, and chives from my garden for these recipes, and I picked up some lovely roma tomatoes at the commissary.

Fordski doesn't cook, but he has a couple of recipes up his sleeves that have been great successes in the kitchen. There are his salsa and guacamole, recipes from his mother; his orange creamsicle shakes, a recipe from his father; and his Bachelor Sandwiches, for starters. There's a big old bowl of his salsa sitting in the fridge right now. I'll have to have him share those recipes on here.

You guys have a great Monday.

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