Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let there

By my last count, I have 27 cook books.

Twenty-seven. Nine sets of three. Three sets of nine. Um. One set of twenty-seven. ANYWHO.

That's not including the dozens of hand-scrawled recipes hiding who-the-hell-knows-where, and the close to 500 I have pinned on Pinterest.

These are big numbers.

You know what's not a big number? The one referring to the recipes that I've actually tried out here in my kitchen. Or in any kitchen I have occupied. Oops? We shall remedy this!

That is why I have created this blog, to document my kitchen shenanigans as I attempt to finally work my way through most of these remedies. Most, not all. I can be picky. I am starting a Foodie Club to meet once or twice a month to try out new recipes together, so I shall document these shenanigans as well, with the participants' permission.

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